Author Randall Magley was raised in a small Midwestern town in a typical nuclear family structure. He grew up wanting success in a business since the age of ten. He suffered through severe health issues since the age of three and was always a sickly person. But he used his time of healing for reading and study of business administration, engineering, physics and philosophy. He even took up several courses in these fields and tried to work his way to the top of small companies. But it was to no avail as he repeatedly had medical issues and found himself permanently disabled.


None of the hindrances would slow him down though. He Joined the U.S. Army under medical waivers in 1997. While serving his country, he became a great runner and eventually gained rank and became an instructor. His hunger for success was unsatisfied though with the slow pace of increase due to standard regulations. So he finished his enlistment and went on the road with a blues band for a short while playing harmonica. He was coined the name Harmonica Man at this time.

Randall then returned to his home and tried unsuccessfully to work in several low wage jobs due to lack of credentials in the fields that he loved. He continued to study in his off time on multiple fields. People along the way were always telling him that he should write a book on his experiences in life. He went in another direction though and decided to write about what he learned in the NeoThinkĀ® society that he was part of. Then eventually he found himself permanently disabled through illness. So he then devoted his whole time in writing short stories with lesson content in hopes to make the world a little better with the teachings. He is still considered a mentor and student in many circles and loves public speaking, music, and of course writing and reading.





The author Randall Magley was born and raised in northern Michigan. It is his goal in life to write about all the wonderful things he saw out in the world and bring the knowledge to the people who needed it most.

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